WordPress is an open source software and is free to use. However, most people who use WordPress do not realize how much work goes into maintaining a website.

WordPress Releases New Version Every 4 Months

WordPress releases new versions of its software every four months. These updates include new features, bug fixes and security patches. You need to be running the latest version of WordPress to ensure your website remains secure and continues to function properly.

WordPress Plugins are Updated Even More Frequently

Not only does WordPress release new versions every few months, but there are also thousands of plugins available that add additional functionality to your website. Each of these plugins has their own update schedule too!

You Need to Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Does it seem like a lot? It’s because it is! Keeping all of this software up-to-date can be time consuming and sometimes things break or don’t work how you want them to after an update. And if any one piece of the puzzle isn’t up-to-date, your entire website could be vulnerable to a malicious attack or stop working properly altogether.

WordPress websites are constantly changing. Whether it’s new features, security updates, or general maintenance, keeping your site up-to-date is vital to success. We can help.

WordPress Maintenance Plans

Staying on top of those changes can be a full-time job. And you probably don’t have time for that. That’s where we come in. From simple updates and backups to complete website overhauls and custom programming, our WordPress experts will keep you running smoothly and looking good.

What Your WordPress Maintenance Plan Includes

We offer three WordPress maintenance plans to fit your needs:

WordPress Support Plan: This plan provides a hosting and support package for existing sites running on WordPress. Our standard WordPress Support Plan includes monthly backups, daily uptime monitoring, plugin updates, monthly report cards, and more.

WordPress Care Plan: The WordPress Care Plan is designed for frequent content updates and/or design tweaks. The plan includes both the support and maintenance from the WordPress Support Plan plus weekly updates and performance enhancements as needed (up to 2 hours). It also includes access to training videos so you can get the most out of your website.

WordPress Build Plan: This plan is perfect for those who need a brand new website or a complete redesign of their